Teddie Hwang

Artist Statement

I am a flutist who, in addition to my music, finds another channel of expression through art photography. Combining camera techniques with classical aesthetics, my emphasis is to express the essence of music and musicians through a visual medium. I design and create each image like a musical composition with a specific structure, emotion, and style. When working with musicians, each session is an artistic collaboration between myself and my subject, and I have experience in working with all kinds of musical styles. Using available light as much as possible, photo sessions with me are creative, genuine, and fun!

Being a member of the art society Wallauer Fachwerk e.V., I've participated in exhibitions in Germany and Alsace, France. I'm always happy to hear from music and photography fans alike. Feel free to drop me a line if you'd like, and in the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy browsing through my works.


Teddie's first professional training is in classical music. She is fascinated by the timbre and vocal qualities of the baroque traverso and specializes in historical flutes. Based in Germany, she collaborates with a variety of ensembles, playing repertoire ranging from 17th century airs de cour to 19th century symphonies. She has given workshops on historical performance at institutions such as the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, the School of Music at the University of Victoria BC, the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at the University of Limerick, Tunghai University in Taiwan, and the Escuela Superior de Música(UNAM) in Mexico City. Teddie studied traverso with Wilbert Hazelzet and received her Master's degree in Historical Flute Performance from the Koninklijk Conservatorium Netherlands. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Music and Germanic Studies from Indiana University USA, where she studied modern flute with Kathryn Lukas and graduated with high distinction. She is a winner of the Baroque Flute Artist Competition held by the National Flute Association of America, and has also adjudicated for its competitions.

As a photographer, Teddie work is centered on portraiture for musicians, as well as producing art films which combine her musical performances with her photography. The challenge of expressing the essence of music and of musicians through a visual medium is a central concept in her work. Teddie studied photography with the award-winning photojournalist David Bathgate, in addition to specialized focus on black-and-white photography with Memphis Barbree. She has participated in group exhibitions in the Frankfurt area and also in Alsace, France. A member of the International Dark Sky Association, she combines her musical performances with her works in landscape astrophotography to bring awareness of our natural night sky, a common heritage which connects us all.

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