Teddie Hwang

Profile photo courtesy of Anton Shevchenko.  Cover photo courtesy of Martin Letz.

Based near Frankfurt, I am a flutist who, in addition to my music, finds another channel of expression through art photography. Combining camera techniques with classical aesthetics, my emphasis is to express the essence of music and musicians through a visual medium.  Through a conscious thought process, I design and create each image like a musical composition with a specific structure, emotion, and style.

When working with musicians, each session is an artistic collaboration between myself and my subject.  I seek to tell something about the musician in front of my camera which I find most fascinating, and as I am a musician as well, this connection enables me to tell a great story.  Using available light as much as I can, photo sessions with me are relaxing, genuine, and creative.

Being a member of the art society Wallauer Fachwerk e.V., I've participated in exhibitions in Germany and Alsace, France. I'm always happy to hear from music and photography fans alike.  Feel free to drop me a line if you'd like, and in the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy my works.

~Teddie Hwang

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