Presentation for Limerick Early Music in November 2020.

Through my experiences and observations in both music and photography, the talk demonstrates how these two disciplines offer insight into each other.  Using photographic material, I'll explain some of the most important aspects in music-making such as interpretation, understanding composition, and also touching on performance-related issues. 

By explaining musical concepts visually, the presentation aims to promote a deeper understanding of music. Performers will hopefully feel inspired and be compelled to study a piece in a more sophisticated way, and internalizing music based on conscious choices in interpretation. At the end, this leads to an overall enriching performance experience.

- The content level will be designed based on the target audience each time, whether they be amateur, student, or professional musicians.  Both group and individual inquiries are welcome.   

- Sessions may take place either in-person or online.  Available in English, German, and 中文.

Please contact me directly for further inquiries.  I look forward to hearing from you! 

Check out also my photo blog on Facebook to get weekly insights into the interdisciplinarity of music and photography. 

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