Together with photographer Reinhold Schultheiss and flutist Amanda Markwick, this is a collaborative program celebrating the human experiences of joy, self-reflection, struggle, and love. 

Images are projected as a changing background while music is being performed and moderated.  Rather different from a slideshow where the visual is the main focus, in this case the photography is simply there to stir the fantasy and provide a space for contemplation.  A diverse musical repertoire from the Renaissance up to the early Romantic period will be played on transverse flutes from those periods, symbolizing the human emotion is universal and felt beyond the measure of time.

Selected images from the show can be exhibited before the start of the performance, serving as a preview as well as creating an atmosphere for interaction among visitors during intermission. 

We see this program as a social event with elements of music, imagery, and storytelling.  It is partially inspired by Bishop Karen Oliveto's (start at 1:12:10 in podcast) farewell speech at the Glide Church in San Francisco on August 14th, 2016.   

COLLABORATORS:  Amanda Markwick, flutist and Reinhold Schultheiss, photographer

DURATION:  approximately 70 minutes without intermission

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS:  stage with image projection and lighting possibilities, preferably as a background behind the musicians.  

The program can be narrated in English, German, or Chinese.

Sample Images:

Untitled photo
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