Online Presentation and Workshop for the National Flute Association

Speech and Imagery in C.P.E. Bach's Solo Sonata

Sunday, November 7 at 2:00 p.m. USA Central

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Music-making is often compared to storytelling, which combines speech with imagery to create an emotional impact on the listener. Drawing parallels from fine art photography and the art of oratory found in historical sources, I've partnered up with flutist Na'ama Lion to demonstrate how these principles give insight into understanding musical content, context, and interpretation in C. P. E. Bach's Sonata in A minor. In the latter part of the workshop, there will be a chance to experiment with applying the presented principles in one's own interpretation. Volunteers may share their experiences and findings by playing short passages from the piece. The workshop concludes with a Q & A discussion as time permits.

It is no question that music-making is more than just creating beautiful sounds and playing notes perfectly. By learning about visualization and oratory skills, participants will walk away with tools and ideas on how one can bring depth, understanding, and eloquence to the performance of the C. P. E. Bach sonata. Beyond the sonata, these ideas are applicable to much of the music we play. The session aims to inspire and promote the internalization of music based on conscious and informed choices in interpretation, which then enables freedom in expression. Ultimately, this leads to an overall enriching and engaging performance. To get the most out of the workshop, participants are encouraged to study the sonata beforehand.  

This was an online event hosted by the National Flute Association of America.  

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