SUNDAY JULY 18th, 2021

My images of Versailles will be featured as commercial breaks 📺🎶😄 in a livestream concert performed by Les Bostonades. Please tune in to Cambridge Society for Early Music on Sunday July 18th at 8pm EDT. That's 2am for European folks, but the concert is up for viewing for the following week.  Livestream is FREE.


FRIDAY MAY 21st, 2021

"Musik zur Entschleunigung" - Piano music of Heinz Reichert with Teddie's landscape photography

Created for the Musik zur Marktzeit music series at the Talkirche in Eppstein, Germany.  As live concerts continue to be put on hold, may our digital contribution  offer some solace and relief.  Different from my previous films,  I'm excited to share this very new style and concept!  Heinz is a composer and music therapist based in Hofheim.  My focus this time was on "the path" and less on the apparent "goal".  

SUNDAY MARCH 21st, 2021

"SHADES, SHAPES, AND SHADOWS" - J.S. Bach’s “Allemande” in Monochrome

Join me at the Limerick Early Music Festival's YouTube channel on Sunday March 21st at 15:30 GMT, where I'll be premiering a new slideshow featuring the music of J.S. Bach on his 336th birthday.  You can read more about it here.

The video is set to premiere at the time mentioned above, during which I'll be on the YouTube live chat.  Please drop by to say hello!  

"ÜBER LUFT UND LIEBE", which was scheduled for March 6th, 2021 in the Talkirche Eppstein, is unfortunately cancelled.  Here's a short virtual presentation about the program with selected music.  In German only, skip ahead to 8:16 for music.  

A virtual evening stroll through Europe

Produced for Les Bostonades as part of their Valentine's double feature during the current COVID pandemic. 


Here is one of my first attempts in doing a time-lapse video.  It features one of my favorite star clusters, the Pleiades.  Catch Mars as it floats up and make a quick wish at the end!  I wish for compassion.

FUNDRAISER - click here for English

"Die Nacht leuchtet wie der Tag"🌙 - Film und ✨SPENDENAKTION✨ für die Musikreihe "Musik zur Marktzeit" in der Talkirche Eppstein.

Die Spende ist auf das Konto der Evangelische Talkirchengemeinde bei der Nassauische Sparkasse zu überweisen.  Die Spende geht an die Reihe, damit wir weiter Musik als Trost für Menschen bieten können.  Wer 20 € und mehr spendet, erhält ein tolles Foto von Teddie Hwang Fotografie!  Die Aktion läuft bis 31.01.2021.

Talkirchengemeinde Eppstein IBAN: DE81 5105 0015 0225 0222 24

WAVE~LINKS: Sound and Light

Watch Teddie share her insights into how music and photography offer wisdom that reveals the essence of the other.  Part of the H.I.P.S.T.E.R. Ireland Early Music Festival launch on Nov. 7, 2020.  

Here's your chance to participate in "Über Luft und Liebe"!  Sign up for acrylic painting lessons at the Kunstschule Neustadt and be part of an interdisciplinary project, which will conclude with an exhibition and concert on Dec. 2nd in the beautiful town of Neustadt a/d. Weinstraße.  

(click on flyer below to read all about it!)

*18.11.17 @ 11am - Talk and workshop on working as an interdisciplinary artist. At the Kunstschule Neustadt, Neustadt/Weinstr.

*01.12.17 @ 7pm - "Über Luft und Liebe" at the Astronomiestiftung Trebur, Fichtenstr. 7, 65468 Trebur.

*02.12.17 @ 5pm- "Über Luft und Liebe" vernissage at Kunstschule Neustadt.  

*18.02.18 @ 5pm - "Über Luft und Liebe" at Kirche am Lietzensee in Berlin-Charlottenburg.  Information @ Titans Rising concert series.

*"Über Luft und Liebe" debuted in Germany on March 3rd and 4th in Kelkheim and Hofheim.  Many described the program as truly heartfelt, and we appreciated everyone's support and attendance at both locations.  Special thanks to Amanda Markwick and Reinhold Schultheiss for joining me in this exploration of sound and imagery.  This is just the start!

Untitled photo
  • Photos: Martin Letz

"Der Unterschied zwischen Freude und Schmerz ist manchmal hauchfein ~ The difference between pleasure and pain can be very fine...."

Best Wishes for 2017~Taichung, Taiwan:

* "Über Luft und Liebe" was a success at 一本書店 in Taichung!  The very attentive audience was curious about all aspects of the program, including music, images, and instruments. We look forward to our next concerts here in Germany!

*Jan. 1st 2017, 19:30 at 一本書店 in Taichung, Taiwan.  Solo version of the program "Über Luft und Liebe" in Chinese.  Spend the first day of the new year with introspective solo flute music along with projected images from Teddie and Reinhold Schultheiss! Tea and homemade snacks provided, 250NTD per person.  Reservations strongly recommended. (Chinese only!)

Photos and Poster: Miru Guo

~Exhibition at the Waldhaus Arboretum~

Untitled photo
Untitled photo
Untitled photo

*Stay tuned for Les Bostonades' second CD, once again featuring my flute playing and photography!

*Teddie Hwang Photography featured in La Cicala's debut CD by Passacaille Records.  Read their fantastic reviews.

*Les Bostonades' first CD - Proud to have played and photographed my fellow musicians!

*Exhibition with Reinhold Schultheiß at Martha-Else Haus in Hofheim, Germany.  Ongoing until May 31, 2014.  Stille in Musik - Musik in Stille

*Exhibition at Wilhelm-Kempf-Haus, Wiesbaden.  March 16 - May 16, 2014

Untitled photo
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