Fundraiser/Spendenaktion - "Musik zur Marktzeit"

until/bis 31.01.2021

(This video is in German.  You may consider using the Youtube translation CC function which, so I was told, gives an idea of what I'm talking about.)

The Story

Some years ago I played in a church service at the Talkirche in Eppstein, Germany with a violinist. One woman sat with us on the organ balcony, she was alone. After we finished, she came up to us and gave each of us a 10€ bill, stuck it in our hands and said she came to seek comfort in music. She made a lasting impression on me and was the reason that, about a year later, I started a music series there called "Music at the Market", happening one time a month on Friday afternoons when the local open-air market takes place. Together with the church, it's also our incentive to promote a feeling of community. Like many small towns everywhere, local businesses have been dying fast in Eppstein and vendors struggle greatly to compete with big chain stores.

Impact of COVID

Due to COVID we have been cancelling our concerts and most likely will have to cancel into 2021as well.  It is my wish that the series can provide a cancellation compensation for affected musicians, should live concerts continue to be put on hold.  Without live concerts, we are also unable to generate revenue which is the basis for paying our musicians.  

Donate and Receive a Print!

Consider to show a gesture of support for the series - not only will your contribution help performing artists, but it'll also help generate community spirit in the town of Eppstein and beyond.  For a donation of 20€ and up, you'll receive a A4-size print of your choice from my slideshow "Solace", shown in the video.  The printed is matted and signed.  Make sure to label the payment as "Marktmusik" and make the donation to:

Talkirchengemeinde Eppstein

IBAN: DE81 5105 0015 0225 0222 24

Please contact me directly for specifying which print you'd like.  The church issues a "Zuwendungsbescheinigung" for donations of 50€ and up.    

Above is for transfers within the EU.  If you're outside of the EU, please contact me directly to discuss payment/shipping details.

Together with the Talkirchengemeinde Eppstein, we thank you for your interest and support!

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