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Teddie is available for photography services such as:

- portraiture

- documentation of live events such as concerts and rehearsals

- imagery design for websites, CD's, posters, and various projects (excluding  graphics)

Please contact me directly with specific details regarding your desired session so that I can present you with a suitable pricing. Unless arranged otherwise, all photos will be edited, retouched, and delivered as high-resolution jpegs.

Please use the contact form to get in touch and I look forward to hearing from you!

Frequently Asked Questions

*What should I wear to the photo session?

This is very individual and will largely depend on what kind of images we're hoping to achieve. In general, solid colors are more preferable than strong lines and patterns. The texture of the material can also give a certain flair. Think of clothing as a supportive element to you and the overall composition of the image, but should not draw much attention onto itself. Pick something that you feel comfortable and confident in. If time and logistics permit, I'm happy to advise my clients before the photo session by doing a wardrobe selection together.

*How long is a photo session?

For single portraits, I usually plan about two hours for a shoot, and a session typically runs about 1 1/2 hour. This is excluding preparation (setting up, client getting dressed etc.). For a successful shoot, it's important that both you and I feel relaxed and comfortable. The two hours allow my client to get used to the camera, do some location changes, and hopefully have fun!

*Can I see all the images that were taken?

Sorting through the files is a very time consuming process and, without knowledge and experience, it can simply be overwhelming. Thus, I always recommend that this process be entrusted to me, that I will find the best image fulfilling the ideas we talked about in the first place. If we cannot agree on my suggestions, there's still the opportunity to view all the images from the shoot.

*I have graphic designer who can work on the image. Can you give me the non-edited RAW files?

Each image I produce is the result of my creative process. I generally don't give my unfinished work for someone else to finish.

Teddie's philosophy about music photography

This is the preview of the music photography course I teach at The Compelling Image. Although intended for people interested in the course, get a glimpse of my photography concepts by watching this video. 

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